Aikido for children
from 7 to 13/14 years old


Every sport activity has its own importance and its characteristics that make it particular. Ki Aikido is part of those Japanese disciplines recognized with the quality of ancient formative art on the physical and psychological level, capable of strengthening the body and mind. Aikido is, from the physical point of view, a complete art in movement whose advantages, deriving from constant practice, are inherent not only in the improvement of self-control skills and appropriate reaction in the context of practice in the gym, but also in daily life with the possibility of adapting the person himself to the new situations that arise. In reality, this is an educational process that therefore implies not only a sports activity but a school of life, which allows children to grow better by teaching them discipline, listening and respect for the rules. Aikido educates about calm and respect for yourself and for others.

ginnastica bambini aikido
shikko aikido

Children can start this art adapted to their age, starting from 7 years old. Aikido promotes motor coordination, concentration and attention and, through the different exercises, allows awareness of your body and energy in movement, teaches you to fall forward and backward, to move on your knees and perceive the attack movements of the companions, neutralizing them without violence or aggression.

cadute aikido


In Aikido practice, respect for the rules is observed and correctness is indispensable, and it is precisely for this reason that we can recommend it both to the most restless children, who, during the lessons, are guided to moderate their energy and to focus on what they are doing, both to more peaceful and fearful children who learn to develop a sense of security.

divertimento aikido


Through the teaching of Ki Aikido, children learn to unload any small stresses of everyday life, to overcome fears and for many of them, the shyness that characterizes them. The belief that Aikido is suitable only for boys is also to be debunked, because in reality the girls, thanks to their natural aptitude for concentration and awareness of their movements - more accentuated faculties than boys - they have a favorable predisposition towards this art. Children learn all this while having fun at the same time ... so the practice of Aikido can be considered a good educational complement.

Aikido for children from 7 to 13/14 years old
resumption of courses yet to be determined

from September to May (school calendar)
Thursday 17.30 - 18.30

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