from seminars and workshops

2023-08-02Velebit - Maurizio Volpe and Davide Rizziarticle
2023-06-30Nuremberg - Bernhard Bollarticle
2023-06-16Zagreb - Maurizio Volpearticle
2023-05-19Vienna - Michal Hájekarticle
2023-04-29Hechingen - Bernhard Bollarticle
2023-04-22Novara - Memorial Gianni Giocontoarticle
2023-03-11Balerna with Maurizio Volpe, Bernhard Bollarticle
2023-02-11Balerna with Riccardo Luppi, Corrado Calossiarticle
2023-01-21Balerna with Domenico Saida, Francesco Ingemi, Giuseppe De Matteoarticle
2023-01-06Thiene with Maurizio Volpearticle
2022-12-03Dormelletto with Maurizio Volpe e Nicola Grandearticle
2022-11-06Prague with Bernhard Bollarticle
2022-10-29Vercelli with Mario Peloni and Maurizio Volpearticle
2022-10-16Balerna with Maurizio Volpe and Bernhard Bollarticle
2022-08-18Baške Oštarije, Velebitarticle
2022-07-10Nuremberg with Bernhard Bollarticle
2022-04-30Balerna with Maurizio Volpe and Bernhard Bollarticle
2022-03-26Balerna with Francesco Ingemi and Giuseppe de Matteoarticle
2022-03-05Haigerloch with Maurizio Volpe and Bernhard Bollarticle
2022-02-20Dormeletto with Maurizio Volpearticle
2021-11-13Novara with Maurizio Volpearticle
2021-11-06Prague with Bernhard Bollarticle
2021-10-17Balerna with Maurizio Volpe and Bernhard Bollarticle
2021-10-03Trebur with Maurizio Volpe and Bernhard Bollarticle
2021-08-14Stabio with Bernhard Bollarticle
2021-06-20Novara with Maurizio Volpearticle
2020-02-29Hechingen with Bernhard Bollarticle
2020-02-15Balerna with Maurizio Volpe and Gianni Giocontoarticle
2019-11-30Torino with Doshu Yoshigasakiarticle
2019-11-22Trebur with Maurizio Volpe and Bernhard Bollarticle
2019-11-15Burton with Doshu Yoshigasakiarticle
2019-11-08Praga with Bernhard Bollarticle
2019-10-20Balerna with Doshu Yoshigasakiarticle
2019-08-24Bosco Gurin with Doshu Yoshigasakiarticle
2019-02-16Hechingen with Bernhard Bollarticle